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Merkel suggested that Europe should think about a world without US leadership
17:40, 27.06.2020

European countries should seriously reflect on the new reality, where the US may not seek to be a world leader. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said this in an interview with several European publications, including the Guardian newspaper.She said that American troops in Germany help protect not only European NATO countries, but also the interests of Washington, and promised to continue to build up Germany’s military potential.The Chancellor added that there are “good reasons” to remain committed to NATO and the “common nuclear umbrella.” “But, of course, Europe should bear a greater burden (of expenses), than during the cold war,” – expressed the opinion of Merkel.The German Chancellor has previously made critical remarks about the United States. In particular, in September last year, she said that Europe needs to think about its security because the US will not protect it “automatically,” as it was during the cold war.

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