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Reconstruction of 500-year-old skull matches self-portraits of world famous Italian painter Raphael - solving the mystery that lingered over who was buried in the Renaissance great's tomb
01:10, 08.08.2020

The famous Italian painter Raffaello Sanizo, or known as Raphael, died 500 years ago, but the site of his resting place has remained a mystery – until now.

Scientists created a 3D reconstruction of the late artist from a skeleton exhumed in 1833 using a plaster cast of the skull made at the time.

Experts have speculated that Rome's Pantheon was where Raphael was laid to rest, but the skeleton in question was unearthed with other remains.

Raphael was a creator of the High Renaissance and is part of the famous artist trinity along with Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci.

He was born in Urbino, Italy in 1483 and died at the age of just 37 in 1520.

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