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RA Ombudsman: That no political reason can affect human rights protection
00:35, 20.10.2020

Mass destructions and atrocities committed by Azerbaijani armed forces in Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) are consequences of international and especially human rights organizations’ continuous denials to visit Artsakh, despite numerous calls, invitations and earnings from our side. They have to document all these violations physically being in Artsakh; they have to see and perceive everything in person.
It is time to prove that the principle “No one should be left behind and no human right ignored” being stated at very high levels, is not just a nice expression and an illusion, but a principle that protects real people in real life.
It is time to show that no one has canceled the right of a child to enjoy happy childhood; mother’s right to grow up her child in peace and the right of grandmothers and grandfathers to enjoy their lives in dignity; that no political reason can affect human rights protection.

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