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Hovik Keuchkerian: "I claim that this is more than a war"
15:35, 20.10.2020
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The performer of the role of Bogota in the famous Spanish TV series "Paper house", Spanish actor of Armenian origin Hovik Keuchkeryan posted a video message on his YouTube to express his support for Armenia and Artsakh:
"I am Armenian and Spanish. The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, as the international press calls it, is not really a conflict, but an aggression, invasion and occupation. this is a clear attempt by Erdogan and Aliyev on the part of Azerbaijan to start a new genocide against the Armenian people. There are 3 million Armenians who want to live peacefully in their motherland․ Get rid of a cancer called Erdogan until it has spread. If not, sooner or later you will have to deal with your own Adolf Hitler in the 21st century. ",-"he said:
He also added that "the armenians will continue to fight. My Armenian brothers and sisters, you are not alone, God bless you."

Hovik Keuchkerian: "I claim that this is more than a war"
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