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''You are a proud Armenian, and I am a proud Armenian father'': congratulations from Kim's father, the late Robert Kardashian to his daughter
13:55, 30.10.2020

Kim Kardashian recently turned 40. In this regard, her husband Kanye West gave his wife an impressive surprise: "Hologram from Heaven."
"Special surprise from Heaven. I am very grateful to Kanye for this surprise that will be remembered for a lifetime, " Kim wrote on Instagram, posting a holographic video message from her father, in which he congratulates her daughter and says that she is on the right way․
"You have become a very successful woman. For me, it is very important how attached you are to your roots and how you support Armenia. You are a proud Armenian, and I am proud Armenian father. I watch you every day, and the most joyful and beautiful thing is that you have your own family and you are a wonderful mother, " the message from Kim's late father.

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