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Turkey offers Syrian mercenaries to settle in the territories of Artsakh occupied by Azerbaijan. #SOHR
13:50, 19.11.2020

Resettlement of Syrian mercenaries and their families in Artsakh/Qurbagh․ The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights revealed that ''Turkish intelligence'' has offered the leaders of the two factions, ''Sultan Murad'' and ''Suleiman Shah'' loyal to Turkey, to settle in ''Azerbaijan''.
The director of the observatory, Rami Abd al-Rahman revealed in a television interview that the Turkish offer was presented to the Turkmen militiamen only because Turkey claims that their origins go back to those areas in the ''Caucasus''.
The number of Syrian militants sent by ''Turkey'' to Azerbaijan has reached 4000, recruited in Afrin and in the cities of northern Syria controlled by the Turkish army and the pro-Turkish militias, after being assembled and trained in special camps inside Turkish territory. Human Rights Organization - Afrin - Syria.

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