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2,500-year-old Aphrodite temple discovered in Turkey's Izmir
15:05, 04.01.2021

A team of Turkish scientists and archaeologists discovered the remains of a 2,500-year-old temple dedicated to the ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite in the Urla-Çeşme peninsula in Turkey's west.

After screening an area of 1,600 square meters (17,220 square feet) that covers parts of the Urla, Çeşme and Seferihisar districts of Izmir, 35 prehistoric-era human settlements, including 16 from the late Neolithic period, were uncovered.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Elif Koparal from Mimar Sinan University, who is leading the excavations, said a significant social and economic network was discovered.

"During our screening of the surface, we detected the Aphrodite temple from the sixth century B.C. Aphrodite was a commonly worshipped figure back then. It is a fascinating and impressive discovery," Koparal added.

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