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More than 60 people were killed while clearing snow
14:25, 19.01.2021

The Japanese government will provide emergency financial assistance to the country’s northern regions, where there are not enough resources for snow removal. Kazuyoshi Wakaba, Minister of State Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, of Japan, announced today at a press conference in Tokyo.
At a press conference in Tokyo, the minister added that more than 60 people had died while trying to clean their homes from the snow flooded them.
The Japanese minister added, “The government will quickly calculate the required amounts and provide for the safe removal of blemishes. We are very concerned about the killing of a record number of citizens during the snow disposal operations.”
According to the minister, the number of victims this year surpassed the previous sad record set in the winter of 2017-2018.
The majority of those killed during snow-clearing of buildings are older people who fell from the roofs of their homes while trying to clean them from the snow.

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