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Biden and Macron agreed to work together to solve Iran's nuclear issue
11:40, 25.01.2021

The President of the Republic spoke today with the President of the United States of America, Mr. Joe BIDEN, and congratulated him on taking office on January 20.
He recalled the historic friendship that binds our two countries, based on freedom and democracy, and underlined his determination to act alongside the United States to implement our common goals.
The two Presidents had a friendly and in-depth working conversation during which they saw a great convergence of views on multilateral issues as well as on issues of crisis and international security.
They also noted their convergences and their desire to act together for peace and stability in the Near and Middle East, in particular on the Iranian nuclear issue and on the situation in Lebanon. The two presidents have agreed to stay in very close contact in the coming weeks on these subjects and on our entire common agenda.

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