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PACE monitors extremely concerned by developments in Armenia
18:15, 26.02.2021

“We are extremely concerned by recent developments in Armenia,” said PACE’s co-rapporteurs for the monitoring of Armenia, Boriana Aberg (Sweden, EPP/CD) and Kimmo Kiljunen (Finland, SOC). “In particular, we found the statement issued yesterday by the office of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, calling for the resignation of a democratically-elected government, to be unacceptable.”

“We call upon all political forces and state actors to fully respect democratic principles and the Constitution of Armenia, and to take all necessary steps to immediately de-escalate the current situation,” they added.
“Armenia is going through a very difficult phase in its recent history and – more than ever – needs calm, restraint, wisdom and unwavering support for democratic principles by all concerned in order to resolve the political crisis it is facing.”

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