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Robert A. Mundell, a father of the Euro, dies at 88
11:16, 06.04.2021

Robert Mundell, the Nobel Prize-winner and supply-side economist who was considered the intellectual father of the euro, has died. He was 88.
His death was confirmed by Sophia Johnson, assistant director of the program for economic research at Columbia University, where Mundell was professor emeritus.
Professor Mundell, a Canadian who taught at the University of Chicago and Columbia University, among other places, was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1999 “for his analysis of monetary and fiscal policy under different exchange rate regimes and his analysis of optimum currency areas.”
His remarkably clear-minded work, mostly conducted from the mid-1950s through the early ’60s — a time when exchange rates were stable and global capital movements were modest — was far ahead of its time.
He is known as the “father of the euro,” for his work that encouraged many European nations to give up their currencies to join a larger monetary union.

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