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Pentagon urges Russia to clarify intents of troop movement on Ukrainian border
10:52, 07.04.2021

Russia’s intents in connection with its troop movement on the border with Ukraine remain unclear to the United States, and Washington calls upon Moscow to specify them more clearly, Department of Defense Spokesperson John Kirby told reporters on Tuesday.
"The intent is not completely clear, and I believe our State Department colleagues yesterday called on Russia to make their intentions known," he said.
"We continue to see Russian forces arrayed along the border with Ukraine in Crimea specifically," Kirby added. "It's also difficult for us to speak to intent right now. It is concerning and we continue to monitor it."
He evaded a direct response to a question of whether, in Washington’s opinion, Russian troops could be deployed in eastern Ukraine.
"I try to avoid, if I can, speaking to specific operations here, particularly operations of of another military," the spokesman said.

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