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Ameriabank Launches Placement of New Bond Issues for USD 20 Million and AMD 5 Billion  
19:48, 14.04.2021
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Ameriabank is placing new issues of AMD and USD registered coupon bonds for USD 20 million and AMD 5 billion respectively.

USD bonds were issued at the face value of USD 100 and 4.5% coupon yield, and the AMD tranche was issued at the face value of AMD 100,000 and 9.5% yield.

To learn more about final terms of the bond issue, please visit Ameriabank website here for AMD bonds and here for USD bonds.

Note that Ameriabank is one of the market leaders by number and volume of issued bonds. Currently the Bank’s share in the corporate bonds market of Armenia is 22.5%. 20 issues of Ameriabank’s bonds are now listed on the Armenia Securities Exchange, i.e. 13 USD issues for USD 111.2 million and 7 AMD issues for AMD 27.1 billion.

Ameriabank is at the top of the market as an arranger having completed several innovative and one-of-a-kind projects. In particular, the Bank implemented the largest corporate bonds offering deal in Armenia, arranged the first placement of non-resident’s bonds in the Armenian market, as well as the first in Armenia placement of bonds with a floating interest rate.

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