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PM Pashinyan congratulates Syrian President
11:16, 17.04.2021
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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan sent a congratulatory message to President Bashar Al-Assad of the Syrian Arab Republic on Syria’s National Day.


I warmly congratulate you and the friendly people of Syria on the National Day of the Syrian Arab Republic.

The Armenian and Syrian peoples are bound by deep-rooted historical ties and feelings of friendship, which provide a strong basis for cooperation and development of relations between our two countries.

I am hopeful that the people of Syria will soon overcome the consequences of the severe crisis and will move along the path of peace and stability.

I reaffirm our willingness to provide continued assistance in solving your humanitarian problems and promote the traditional dialogue to the benefit of our countries and peoples.

I wish you good health and every success, as well as peace and prosperity - to the friendly people of Syria,'' the congratulatory message says.

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