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Director of “Hitler Kaput!” shoots “Irony of Fate” in Hollywood. See how the new Lukashin and Nadya look like – News
17:48, 18.04.2021
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The launch of the remake was announced by the Central Partnership film company. 66.RU editors show what the main characters of the legendary Russian cinema will now be like.
Russian director Marius Weisberg (known as the director of the 2008 Russian comedy-parody feature film Hitler Kaput!) Decided to shoot a modern English version of Eldar Ryazanov’s film The Irony of Fate. Work on the creation of the painting will begin this summer in Boston (USA).

Tiffany Paulsen, best known for the acclaimed comedy Holidate, is working on the script. The producers will be Vincent Newman (We are the Millers), Vladimir Koshelev and Marina Bespalova. Weisberg will also act as a creative producer.

“I am very glad that our Soviet cultural heritage will now become the property of the whole world. I have been working on this project for many years and finally, thanks to my partner Vladimir Koshelev, we managed to create a brilliant script, ”Weisberg is quoted in the official release.

The leading roles will be played by Emma Roberts, Thomas Mann, Garrett Hedlund, Britt Robertson.

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