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Police hunt Russian model and tourist who made porn video on sacred volcano
22:35, 28.04.2021 |
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Police are hunting a pair of tourists who recorded a porn video on top of a sacred volcano.

A woman, who has since been identified as a Russian model, wore a mask on her chin in the steamy clip.

The footage was viewed more than 1.2 million times on the porn platform but has since been taken down, Coconuts reports.

It is believed it was shot last year, and police are trying to find out whether the pair are still on the island.

Bangli precinct chief I Gusti Agung Dhana Aryawan said: “Our officer found the location, specifically along the hiking trail of Mount Batur, a bit above Pasar Agung Temple.
“We are coordinating with immigration to find out whether or not the people concerned are still in Bali.”

If they are still in Indonesia, the pair may be charged with public indecency.

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