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The Armenians are hardworking, creative and talented people. Nikol Pashinyan
11:04, 01.05.2021 |
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Nikol Pashinyan’s Labor Day Message

Dear compatriots,

Congratulations to all of us on International Workers’ Day!

The COVID-19 crisis and the war triggered many challenges and problems, which cannot be tackled but through daily work, with the individual effort of each of us and a fully developed creative potential. The crisis of 2020 exposed the problems we had failed to address ever since independence as we did not take them seriously for objective or subjective reasons.

During the last three years, the main task of our government has been to encourage citizens to work, act, carry out economic activities, and to believe in their own strength and success. It seemed to bear fruit already, but last year’s emergencies unfortunately hampered our progress and development.

Dear compatriots,

Our further steps will be aimed at creating opportunities for our citizens to develop their individual capabilities, providing proper conditions for education, continued development of skills and knowledge. The protection of workers’ rights is a daily focus for the Government of Armenia, and we are taking steps in that direction.

The Armenians are hardworking, creative and talented people; they will build the homeland of their dream with hard work. We must all move towards materializing that goal, straightening our back; we must believe in our strength, build a strong, developed, innovative, forward-looking state through joint work. This process is underway and will reach its objective in spite of the crisis, the problems and difficulties caused by the war.

There is a future in Armenia, and we will build that bright future with energetic and creative work.

Happy May Day!
Long live creative work!

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