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Biden thinks that his late son should have become president of the United States
11:24, 13.05.2021
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President Biden reflected on what his late son Beau Biden would have said about the president’s first 100 days in office.
In an interview with MSNBC that aired on Wednesday, host Lawrence O’Donnell asked Biden what he hoped his late son, who died in 2015, would say if he talked to him today.
"He’d say 'Dad, look at me. Remember: home base. Home base. Be who you are,'” Biden said.
“The one thing that I hope he would say is 'Dad, your home base, you're sticking to it,'” Biden continued. “Some things are worth losing over, old buddy. I haven’t done this this long to do things I don’t believe.”
After O’Donnell thanked President Biden for his time for the interview, the president said: “you always catch me off guard with Beau… he should be sitting in this chair.”

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