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“Expect us”: “Anonymous” declared war on Elon Musk after the collapse of bitcoin
21:15, 06.06.2021 |
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Anonymous hacker group has announced that it intends to attack Tesla CEO Elon Musk due to the fact that his message led to a 7% drop in Bitcoin during trading on Friday.
The SpaceX founder tweeted on May 13 that Tesla is suspending accepting bitcoin as a means of payment due to an unsustainable way of receiving it.

The hackers said that Musk controls the cryptocurrency market too much, and his frivolity towards him turns into dire consequences for ordinary investors, writes the Daily Mail.

“Millions of retail investors have really relied on their cryptocurrencies to improve their lives. This is something you will never understand, because you were born in the stolen wealth of the South African emerald mine of apartheid and do not understand what struggle is for most of the working people of the world, ”wrote the hackers.

Anonymous noted that ordinary people have dreams crumbling because of Musk’s public tantrums, who only mocks them with memes while sitting in one of the million dollar mansions.

At the same time, hackers admit that there is always risk in the investment process, so investors need to be prepared for instability, but Musk’s messages also demonstrate “a clear disregard for the average working person.” Also, cyber experts questioned Musk’s desire to help improve the environment (“live in the world of electric vehicles and space exploration”), since in reality the billionaire suffers from a “superiority complex”. According to them, his remarks only harm job prospects.

“You may think that you are the smartest person in the room, but now you have met your mate. We are anonymous! We are legion. Expect us, ”concluded Anonymous.

“Expect us”: “Anonymous” declared war on Elon Musk after the collapse of bitcoin
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