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Queen marks late Prince Philip's 100th birthday; son says Philip 'wasn't looking forward' to it
18:00, 13.06.2021
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Queen Elizabeth II has marked what would have been her husband Prince Philip's 100th birthday with the planting of a newly bred rose named after him.

The monarch watched the Duke of Edinburgh Rose planted in the Windsor Castle gardens last week to commemorate Philip's centenary Thursday.

She was pictured smiling as she accepted the small rose bush, wrapped in brown paper and twine, from the Royal Horticultural Society's president.

The rose, which is deep pink and dappled with white lines, was newly bred following Philip's death on April 9 at Windsor Castle.

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Keith Weed, president of the Royal Horticultural Society, said the presentation was "poignant" and also a delight as an opportunity to remember the duke's "remarkable life" as an early conservationist.

"The duke’s devotion to raising public awareness of the importance of conserving the natural world leaves a lasting legacy,” Weed said in a statement issued by Buckingham Palace.

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