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''Vote fairly and freely, according to your conscience only''. Armen Sarkissian
11:25, 19.06.2021 |
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Dear compatriots,

The pre-election campaign is over.

For more than ten days, the political forces had the opportunity to present those programs and goals they are going to implement after receiving your votes.

Unfortunately, during this period, there have also been manifestations of intolerance, insults, and threats; there have been incidents incompatible with any political force or figure who strives for democracy or speaks of democracy.

It is impermissible, unacceptable, and strictly condemnable to cross all legal and moral boundaries, to aggravate the situation, and even more, to incite hatred and enmity.

I call on all parties and blocs participating in the elections, and all parliamentary candidates to be reserved, and prudent in their actions, to call for restraint on their sympathizers and supporters, to be tolerant and respectful, not to violate moral boundaries for political purposes.

I demand from the law enforcement bodies that they strictly prevent any violation of the law and the right, be impartial, have maximum responsibility, and act in accordance with the law.

These elections are taking place in a difficult situation of crises; they are of crucial importance for our state and people.

Dear compatriots,

Today is a day of silence. And on Sunday, June 20, everyone has to make their choice.

Whatever political force you give preference to, and whatever your decision is, remember that it is a decision for the sake of the Homeland, for the sake of our state, for the sake of your future, and that of your family.

Vote fairly and freely, and reckon with only and nothing but your conscience.

Good luck, and all the best…

''Vote fairly and freely, according to your conscience only''. Armen Sarkissian
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