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All Apple iPhone models launching in 2022 will have 5G support
20:42, 21.07.2021 |
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Apple iPhone 2022 lineup will come with 5G support as the Cupertino tech giant attempts to boost the sale of its money-spinner. Sources have informed Nikkei Asia that Apple will not be bringing any new 4G-enabled models in 2022. Apple launched the iPhone 12 series in 2020 with 5G support.
The company added 5G support to its phones for the first time. Still riding high after the success of last year’s iPhones, Apple is looking to up the ante for next year’s iPhone models.
The upcoming iPhone SE will be the most affordable 5G model, according to renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. As far its design is concerned, Kuo said it will bear a striking resemblance to the current iPhone SE 2020, Gadgets 360 reported. Apple is also likely to abandon the iPhone Mini in 2022. This decision can be attributed to the series’ failure to meet the company’s expectations.

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