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In the USA, an artificial heart transplant was performed for the first time
18:48, 24.07.2021
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For the first time, American surgeons performed successful transplantation of an artificial Aeson heart developed by the French company CARMAT. The artificial heart has two ventricular chambers and four valves like a real organ, it is powered by an external device. This is reported by the publication Science Alert.

An artificial heart made of biocompatible materials, including bovine tissue, uses a combination of sensors and algorithms to maintain the heart rate and blood circulation through the body. The patient was 39-year-old Matthew Moore from the city of Shallott in North Carolina. Initially, he had to undergo bypass surgery, but his condition was getting so much worse than even a normal transplant was risky.
The artificial heart was developed to help those whose hearts can no longer pump blood through both chambers. It completely replaces the natural heart, although it is not intended for permanent use, rather serves as a temporary option for about six months before a full-fledged heart transplant.

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16:36, 22.10.2021
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