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Three-headed baby hailed as incarnation of God after seemingly 'normal' pregnancy
18:18, 24.07.2021
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A woman in Uttar Pradesh, India has given birth to a child with three heads which has shocked the local community with many travelling to see the defect they view as sacred

A baby born with three heads has been dubbed an incarnation of God.

Strangers in India have reportedly been making pilgrimages to see the infant since its birth in Uttar Pradesh was announced on July 12.

The mother named only as Ragini is understood to have been through a "normal" and healthy pregnancy which made the birth of a three-headed child all the more shocking.
Photos and video footage show adults adjusting the the newborn baby so it can lie on top of blankets without its additional heads causing discomfort.

The two extra heads are directly attached to the back of its "normal" head and even have hair.

The two additional heads appear to be heavy as the person picks them up off the blankets, but the baby does not appear to be in any kind of pain.
Both mother and child are reportedly doing well and have left the hospital and returned home.

However, they are said to be upset after being inundated with visits from people who are desperate to see the newborn baby.

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