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Baby born on Afghanistan evacuation flight named "Reach" after the aircraft call sign
17:54, 26.08.2021
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A baby girl born on a US military evacuation flight en route to Ramstein Air Base in Germany on Saturday has been named Reach after the call sign of the aircraft, according to the top US general in Europe. "We've had further conversations with the mom and the dad of the baby," said Gen. Tod Wolters, commander of US European Command and NATO's Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, at a briefing with reporters at the Pentagon. "They named the little girl Reach. And they did so because the call sign of the C-17 aircraft that flew them from Qatar to Ramstein was Reach." Reach's parents were on a flight from a staging base in Qatar after fleeing from Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover of Kabul.

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15:30, 20.11.2021
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