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Biden refused to talk about Afghanistan and got lost in the conference room
14:12, 30.08.2021
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U.S. President Joe Biden offered to talk to reporters during a press conference, but refused to continue after mentioning Afghanistan. Thus, the politician first agreed to answer questions from the media, the video shows. However, after one of the reporters touched on the Afghan issue, the American leader said he would not talk about Afghanistan. Biden then tapped his hand on the podium and headed for the exit, but went in the wrong direction and got lost in the conference hall. The audience applauded the president. Earlier, social media users suspected Biden of sneaking a glance at his watch during the farewell ceremony for American servicemen killed in Afghanistan. Footage from the event shows the White House leader lowering his arm from his chest, then raising his sleeve, glancing at the dial and putting his hands behind his back.

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