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Law enforcement bodies have started acting. They are trying to eliminate Aroushanyan’s supporters. ''Hraparak''
09:18, 10.09.2021
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''Hraparak'' writes, ''The authorities were taken aback by the news of proposing Aroush Aroushanyan’ s, the arrested mayor’s of Goris candidacy in the elections of the mayor of Goris. Nikol Pashinyan ordered law enforcement bodies to act and try to eliminate Aroushanyan’s supporters. ''The first blossoms” are already visible–the day before more than about ten people from Goris, among them municipality workers and Aroushanyan’s relatives were accused of hooliganism.

Interestingly, they remembered Pashinyan’s visit to Syunik on April 21 and decided to make an accusation for the matter of throwing eggs on Pashinyan’s car and ''greetings'' from Syunik. The case for the accusation claims that the effects of the ''egg attack'' on the armored car cost them 24 million AMD. No one knows how they have counted the above-mentioned amount.
More details in the newspaper.

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12:48, 01.10.2021
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