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Razmik Tevonyan on his resignation and rumors of ''handing over of Tigranashen''
11:42, 10.09.2021
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Razmik Tevonyan, the already former governor of Ararat has made an announcement: ''Dear citizens, as it is already known, I have proposed a resignation letter to the prime minister of the RA Nikol Pashinyan as formal notification that I am resigning from my position as the governor of Ararat marz.

There are different hypotheses on my resignation in media and different social networks, among them the one claiming that “the reason of this resignation lies in the fact that a document on handing over of Tigranashen has been signed”.

I announce officially that the rumors of handing over of Tigranashen are fake, nothing of this sort has ever been discussed and will not ever be discussed, please stay away from fake and useless manipulation''.

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