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Stepan Danielyan: ''The coalition of Baku–Ankara–London–Tel Aviv–Islamabad acted against us during the war''
15:24, 10.09.2021
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Politologist Stepan Danielyan has posted on his facebook page: ''The society of Armenia could not understand a simple thing, that an international coalition acted against us, Baku–Ankara–London–Tel Aviv–Islamabad. Each one of them addresses their own issues. The fact that Britain, Pakistan, Israel acted against us back then (today as well) was the derivative of their big political interests.
Some of them assisted Baku with military force, some–with military experts, some–with intelligence data, some provided political asylum, etc.
Our misfortunes in the war started specifically due to the failures in external policy. Our internal policy is not an exception as well.
If we put it in a simple way, the political vision of Armenia was scarce, and now it is so as well, and it not only refers to the authorities of the time behind and the ones of present, but also to all of us, among them existing and non-existing institutions''.

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21:12, 14.10.2021
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