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Vahe Hakobyan: ''The only solution to the issue is Nikol Pashinyan’s immediate resignation''
11:00, 13.09.2021
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During the briefing of the National Assembly in response to journalists’ questions on what solutions there are for the issue of the checking point put on Goris-Kapan road by Azeris, Vahe Hakobyan, a deputy from ''Armenia'' parliamentary group, said: ''The only solution to the issue is Nikol Pashinyan’s immediate resignation. This is the solution to all of our issues and problems… The president of the national Assembly Alen Simonyan is obliged to act on our reaction to this issue and invite the people we demanded, the director of National Security Service and Prosecutor General․ I can see an economic issue as well here. Today, apart from security, it is no less important to pay attention to the economic issues. You know that 40 percent of our goods circulation takes place by Iran. What would happen if tomorrow or the other day this was endangered?''

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21:12, 14.10.2021
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