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Garo Paylan: ''When do you open the border with Armenia?''
18:06, 13.09.2021 |
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Garo Paylan, an Armenian deputy from ''Democratic Party of the Peoples'', which represents current opposition in Turkey and is concerned with Kurdish interests, addressed questions to the vice president of Turkey Fuat Oktay and the minister of foreign affairs Mevlut Chavushoglu demanding a written answer. The Questionnaire includes the following:

1. ''What way do you choose for the regulation of the relationships with Armenia?

2. When do you open our border with Armenia?

3. When do you set up diplomatic relations with Armenia?

4. What steps do you take for ensuring trustful relations with Armenia?

5. Have you started dialogues with Armenia on land and railroad communication?

6. Will you take the initiative of providing direct flights with Armenia?''

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