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The president of the National Assembly: ''You can wash neither the blood from your hands, nor the electoral frauds''
15:24, 13.09.2021
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''While speaking of electoral fraud Kocharyan’s advocate should take a long look at the past, or the actions of the representatives of ''I have Honor'', when they try to contradict Moukouchyn’s words and prime minister’s words, when he was a deputy, to each other aiming at creating an impression that the previous elections were not rigged, are efforts with no results'', announced the spokesman of the National assembly Alen Simonyan in reaction to his opponent colleagues’ performances.
Reminder: the report on the activity of Central Electoral Commission is being discussed.
''From 1996 to 2018 all the elections in the Republic of Armenia were rigged and took place with big violations, perhaps the example of ''Unity'' alliance, Vazgen Sargsyan and Karen Demirchyan’s political power can be considered an exception, because they enjoyed the admiration of the public'', Simonyan added.
Referring to Aram Vardevanyan the head of the parliament continued: ''When Pilate appears in hell, he is given the punishment to wash his hands, but the blood drips from his hands all the time… You can wash neither the blood from your hands, nor the electoral frauds. Those remain in the book of our history''.

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21:12, 14.10.2021
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