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Relatives of fallen soldiers: ''We consider that the concert to take place 6 days before the 1st anniversary of the war is sacrilege''
14:30, 14.09.2021
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During the session of the National Assembly on September 8 the prime minister in office announced: ''A massive and colourful celebration is going to take place in the Republic square, which is firstly devoted to the fallen soldiers who gave their lives for the independence, security and sovereignty of Armenia and for Artsakh''.
''We, the parents, wives, family members of our hero fallen soldiers, consider that the colourful concert to take place on September 21, only 6 days before the 1st anniversary of the war, is sacrilege, a disgusting misdeed.
It’s been about a year, hundreds of people still look for their sons and husbands, we have war prisoners that are tortured in inhumane way every day. In these conditions we consider that the organization of the colourful concert and the announcement that it is devoted to our soldiers, is a big insult to us and the memory of our sons.
We demand to refuse to fulfill those intentions and to memorize Independence Day with other measures that derive from this situation''.
The announcement is followed by the names and surnames of hundreds of parents, friends, relatives of fallen soldiers.

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21:12, 14.10.2021
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