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Ghazinyan to Kocharyan: ''If you were present in the auditorium that time, you would study those lessons''
15:06, 14.09.2021
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''It’s been 3 sessions, and we still discuss not the situation in Syunik, Verin Shorzha, or the events taking place in Tavoush and Yeraskh, the military capacity of our army, the internal security system, but my Facebook page and the revenue declaration'', Arthur Ghazinyan, a deputy from ''Armenia'' parliamentary group, announced in the National assembly, then addressed his speech to Andranik Kocharyan, the Committee chairman from ''Civil Contract'' party: ''It is very good that you visit my Facebook page so often, spend much time there, you will find many useful materials there, there are things related to the legal sphere as well, maybe even more interesting ones, that you could have learnt in the auditorium, if you were present as a student during the classes and studied those lessons''. Earlier, during one of the sessions Andranik Kocharyan quoted a post from Ghazinyan’s Facebook page which referred to prime minister’s visit to war graves.
Reminder: 3 extraordinary sessions of Standing Committee on Defense and Security of the National Assembly were devoted to electing the vice chair of the Committee. During the third one Ghazinyan’s candidacy was proposed again. Ghazinyan was demanded to announce self-withdrawal but he told he would not retreat. The Committee chair Andranik Kocharyan told that Robert Kocharyan would propose a new candidate.

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21:12, 14.10.2021
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