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Vahan Babayan: ''People are not concerned; they say Persians should be worried about it''
16:18, 14.09.2021
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Vahan Babayan, the leader of the party of reformists writes: ''Capitulation continues and it will continue unless the author of it stops making agreements and taking actions on behalf of our nation. It seemed the event in the Kapan-Goris road would be a sensation, but it came out it was not perceived that way; people are not concerned; they say ''Persians should be worried about it''.
Tomorrow if the Turkish police officer asks money from them, they might give.
So it turns out that the one, who acts on behalf of the nation would yield everything, would give away every area he wants, and the nation would forgive it all, disavow the 30-year fight of its sons, disavow the feelings experienced during these 30 years, the sweat poured for hard work and having a stable and strong state, disavow the victory of 90s and its heroes.
Painful solutions were easily and adaptively accepted by the nation, there is no constructive dispute in the parliament, no fight in the streets, and all are happy and satisfied''.

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21:12, 14.10.2021
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