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Aghvan Vardanyan: ''Vazgen Sargsyan said ''you are a minister of power, aren’t you? Shoot then!''
17:18, 14.09.2021
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During the time of announcements Aghvan Vardanyan, a deputy from ''Armenia'' parliamentary group, remembered a story connected with Vazgen Sargsyan: ''It is 1999. Vazgen Sargsyan is a prime minister, takes a look at the economy, and it turns out that dozens of businessmen have expired debts to the state. He hands the list of them to ministers and tells them to meet those businessmen and make them return the debts. A week later he calls them to report on their activity. One of the ministers says that he has had arrangements with four of the businessmen, they will pay their debts, the fifth one has told him that he has nothing to pay them, down with the state… ''Did he say so?” asks Sargsyan. ''Yes'' tells the minister. ''Bring him to me'', says the prime minister. They come, enter the room, the prime minister does not even look at the businessman as if he does not exist. You are a minister of power, aren’t you? Shoot then!” The businessman kneels down howling. ''Do it, Mr. minister!'' Vazgen Sargsyan says. After three days the debt to the state was paid''.
Vardanyan makes it clear why he has just told this story: ''22 years have passed, people have gained spirit, they try to compromise Vazgen Sargsyan. Did they need 22 years for courage? You can’t destroy symbols. An occasional question to the little man: did you only call Stepanakert for taking down the monument to Vazgen Sargsyan in Shoushi or did you call the government of the RA as well?''

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15:30, 20.11.2021
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