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Sharmazanov: "The name “Azerbaijan" is a stolen one; it is the name of one of Iranian gavars"
12:36, 15.09.2021
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The spokesman of the Republican Party of Armenia Eduard Sharmazanov has posted on his Facebook page: "The wide-spread illiteracy took hold of many. What does "borders of Soviet Azerbaijan" mean? Even today’s Azerbaijan does not consider itself the legal successor of Soviet Azerbaijan, subsequently it is illiteracy to talk about being guided only by the borders of Soviet Azerbaijan.

Are "the symbols of capitulation" getting prepared to "wrap" Artsakh and give it to Azerbaijan this way?
If not, why do they talk this much about territorial integrity of "Soviet Azerbaijan" for months.
I told and wrote thousands of times that the name “Azerbaijan” was created in May of 1918, as a result of Turk Nouri pasha’s intervention.
The name "Azerbaijan" is a "stolen" one and it is actually the name of one of the Iranian gavars situated south of the Araks.
In 1918-1920 the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan was not recognized even by the League of Nations.
Alright, we lost the war, but we should not become the defender of the idea of the borders of "Soviet Azerbaijan".
What is left to call Yerevan Erivan and done".

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21:12, 14.10.2021
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