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Ameriabank’s Special Offer for New Clients of Hrazdan Branch
18:00, 06.10.2021
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Ameriabank has opened its new branch Hrazdan at 139 Z. Andranik Ave., Microdistrict, Hrazdan, Kotayk region.

The branch will operate Monday to Friday, from 09:30 a.m. till 05:00 p.m.

Hrazdan Branch offers services on preferential terms to all those individuals and corporate clients, who will become
Ameriabank clients, opening an account at Hrazdan Branch of Ameriabank by December 30, 2021, inclusive.

Hrazdan Branch offers the following services on special terms and conditions:

Terms of the campaign for individuals:

  • One debit or credit card with no service fee for one year
  • Free provision of Online/Mobile Banking
  • Free account opening with a package of services
  • VISA Pay Sticker: AMD 1500 per annum (instead of AMD 3000)

Terms of the campaign for corporate clients:

  • Online/Mobile banking solutions with no service fee for one year
  • By one payment card for 2 managers of the company with no service fee for one year
  • A business card with no service fee for one year

There are options for both online and offline service at Hrazdan branch: Cash-in ATM, payment kiosk, friendly customer
service staff, welcoming, sunny and comfortable environment.
The branch will render all of the services offered by Ameriabank.

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