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Evidence proves Azerbaijan’s intention to ethnic cleansing: Armenia presents proofs to ICJ
15:48, 14.10.2021
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During today’s hearings at the International Court of Justice, convened over Armenia’s request to indicate provisional measures against Azerbaijan, Armenia presented numerous evidence proving Azerbaijan’s intention to ethnic cleansing, torture of Armenian captives.

It was presented to the Court that Azerbaijan, according to the international humanitarian law and the 2020 November 9 trilateral statement, has been obliged to return all Armenian prisoners of war and civilians held, however, it still keeps holding the POWs and civilian captives. The rapporteurs mentioned both the unconfirmed captives and the 45 confirmed captives.

''The fact that Azerbaijan has detained these 45 persons is indisputable'', the rapporteur representing Armenia’s interests said, adding that their names and other information are presented in the documents, they are persons with clear names, faces and have families.

The rapporteur reminded that the special forces of Azerbaijan captured Armenian servicemen near Hin Tagher and Khtsaberd villages even in December 2020. It was emphasized that these two villages were not included in the areas which the Armenian troops needed to leave in accordance with the trilateral statement.

Numerous videos proving the killings and ill treatment of Armenian servicemen by the Azerbaijani servicemen have been presented to the Court.

''Today you can hear that all these POWs are criminals and holding them in detention has no link with ethnic cleansing, meanwhile all evidence prove the ethnic cleansing'', the rapporteur said.

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