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Ameriabank has Raised USD 17.5M Tier 2 Capital
15:36, 01.11.2021
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Ameriabank has signed long-term subordinated loan agreements with total volume of USD 17.5M during recent months, with an option to increase by USD 15M if required. The USD 17.5M sub debt funds, attracted from several partner institutions, qualify as Bank Tier 2 capital under Basel III framework and are aimed at strengthening the overall capital position of the Bank.

Part of the subordinated debt was attracted from our long standing partners at Symbiotics aimed at supporting Armenian economy during recovery by financing primarily small and medium business. This is the second subordinated loan agreement with Symbiotics since the beginning of the pandemic, with a USD 15M subordinated loan agreement signed in late 2020.

It was a great pleasure to host Vincent Lehner, Head of Markets at Symbiotics, during his first post-Covid business trip, to discuss Ameriabank and Symbiotics long-standing collaboration, as well as overall economic prospects.

''I think it’s a good moment to invest in Armenia. We see Armenia as a very good base for us, for the development of our business. We invest in the future, in the future of the bank, in the future of the country, and in the future of our company – Symbiotics, as well. Ameria is a great partner. Our partnership really shows that we are aligned, we have the same objectives, we can deliver together what we want, to achieve and support the businesses'', commented Vincent Lehner during the interview.

Learn more about Ameria-Symbiotics strategic partnership in Armenia from the interview by following this link or visiting the Interviews section of our IR website at

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