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Elon Musk invited to the UN to discuss the problem of hunger
02:06, 03.11.2021
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UN Deputy Secretary General Representative Farhan Haq confirmed that the proposal of the head of the UN World Food Program (WFP) David Beasley to meet with the founder of SpaceX Elon Musk remains in force.
Earlier, Beasley suggested that Musk hold a meeting to discuss the American businessman’s help in solving the problem of hunger. The head of the WFP called on the businessman to donate funds to fight hunger to prevent a “catastrophe”. According to CNN, only 2% of Musk’s fortune, which currently stands at almost $ 289 billion, is needed to save people from hunger. In turn, Musk said that he is ready to sell Tesla shares right now if $ 6 billion can really solve the problem of world hunger.
“WFP’s proposal is sincere,” Hack said at the briefing.
He noted that he does not know if a meeting is planned between Musk and Beasley. “But the proposal is on the table,” added the deputy official representative of the UN Secretary General.
Earlier, the head of WFP said he was ready to provide Musk with a work plan. In addition, Beasley stressed that the media were wrong: $ 6 billion is not enough to solve the problem of hunger in the world, but this amount could save 42 million people who are now on the verge of hunger. Beasley noted that the problem of global hunger is “worthy at least of talking” and if Musk agrees, he is ready to fly to him on the first plane.

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