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UN calls on Baku and Yerevan to peacefully resolve disputes
22:36, 16.11.2021
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The UN calls on Baku and Yerevan to show restraint, to resolve contradictions peacefully, said Farhan Khak, deputy official representative of the UN Secretary General.
“We are now receiving some information. But definitely, we are following with concern the reports of the latest outbreak of violence. And we will need to check these reports,” – Haq said at the briefing.“For now, we urge the parties to exercise restraint and act in accordance with the trilateral statements of November 9 and January 11, to resolve all relevant concerns peacefully. We want to avoid returning to any escalation that we have seen earlier,” he added.
On Tuesday, the Armenian Foreign Ministry said that the Azerbaijani armed forces launched an attack in the eastern direction of the Armenian border and invaded the country, which led to human casualties. According to the Armenian Defense Ministry, 12 Armenian soldiers were captured, about ten armored vehicles of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces were destroyed or disabled. There are dead and wounded from the Armenian side, the data on which are being specified. It is also known that the Armenian side has lost two combat positions.
In turn, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan reported on Tuesday that the situation on the border with Armenia remains tense, military operations are continuing. As reported in Baku, in response to the actions of the Armenian side, anti-tank weapons and mortars of the Armenian Armed Forces were destroyed.

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14:36, 15.01.2022
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