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Ararat Mirzoyan met with the Speaker of the Swedish Riksdag Andreas Norlén
11:12, 02.12.2021 |
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...Ararat Mirzoyan and Andreas Norlén touched upon the prospects of further development of the friendly relations established between the two countries, expansion of mutually beneficial cooperation in bilateral and multilateral platforms. Minister Mirzoyan highly appreciated Sweden's support, including at the parliamentary level, for democratic reforms in Armenia, protection of human rights and rule of law, as well as the fight against corruption...

... Minister Mirzoyan presented to his interlocutor the situation resulting from the 44-day war unleashed against Artsakh, the infiltration of the Azerbaijani armed forces into the sovereign territory of Armenia since May 12, and its recent aggression. He stressed the importance of a proper and targeted response from the international community in the context of de-escalating and stabilizing the situation in the region.

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