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The Azerbaijani side fired in the direction of Karmir Shuka, mainly firearms were used
15:10, 02.12.2021 |
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On December 2, at around 10:30 am, the Azerbaijani side fired from the positions located in the direction of Karmir Shuka community of Martuni region of the Artsakh Republic, which lasted for about 10-15 minutes. Mainly firearms were used.
According to the explanations received, the shots were heard in the residential part of the community, and the bullets passed through the gardens of the residents. No cases of human or material damage were reported as a result of the shootings.
The Azerbaijani side, violating the ceasefire established by the Trilateral declaration, the agreements reached at a high level, continues its criminal actions against the rights of the people of Artsakh, violating first of all the right to life of the civilian population, psychological and physical inviolability.
After the establishment of the ceasefire, we have repeatedly stated that with such criminal actions the Azerbaijani side seeks to intimidate the people living in Artsakh, to achieve the eviction of Armenians from Artsakh by creating an atmosphere of fear and despair.
In order to curb the criminal actions of the Azerbaijani side, to exclude their recurrence, as well as to protect the security of the inhabitants, the immediate removal of the Azerbaijani armed positions from the neighborhood of the peaceful settlements of Artsakh, the introduction of impartial investigation mechanisms of ceasefire violations is an urgent need.

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