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Iraq evacuates 3.5 thousand people from Belarusian-Polish border
18:30, 12.12.2021 |
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The Iraqi authorities have evacuated more than 3.5 thousand of their compatriots from the area of ​​the Belarusian-Polish border. Nine export flights were organized. This was announced by the official representative of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, Ahmed al-Sahhaf, writes TAS S.

“So far, it has been possible to organize nine export flights from Minsk,” he said, adding that 3,556 migrants who were stuck on the border of the two states returned voluntarily to their homeland.

Ahmed al-Sahhaf also said that 383 Iraqis received new passports to replace the lost ones.

Let us remind you that two days earlier another plane with migrants departed from Belarus to Iraq. 417 passengers, including two children, have checked in on the Iraqi Airways flight from Minsk to Erbil.

It was also reported that migrants left mountains of things on the border of Belarus and Poland. The foreigners were accommodated in the logistics center, and their tents, blankets and bags of food remained in the forest.

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