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,,We are obliged to do and will do our best so that Artsakh, that has been invincible for centuries, always remain like that,,: Arayik Harutyunyan
22:36, 31.12.2021 |
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Dear compatriots,
Dear brothers and sisters in Artsakh, Armenia and the Diaspora,
By convention, every year on this very day we send warm words of congratulations and good wishes to each other, our relatives and friends, our Homeland and people. We wish that the outgoing year takes away all the difficulties and trials, and the New Year brings only success and prosperity to all families.
However, for the second year in a row, our people are marking the New Year in difficult and hard conditions, crushed by the blows of fate, with a heart weighed down by the pain of loss and oppressive grief, with wounded and torn apart Artsakh. Yes, this is our reality.
But, despite all that, there is another reality as well – that is Artsakh that continues to live and recover, its settlements that have turned into a construction site, the school bell calling the little Artsakhians to their classes, the fire lighting up in a new hearth every other day, a cry of a newborn baby in those hearths.
That is struggling and creating Armenians who cling to their soil, keep and develop it, who live in Artsakh reviving it with their hard-working and strong hands, with their unbending willpower and inexhaustible energy. That is you, our dear compatriots, each of you, who are here today, in your homes, in your Homeland.
That is Mother Armenia, the main pivot and value of the Armenian nation, the main refuge and guarantor of national goals and aspirations, that always stands behind Artsakh and the Diaspora. That is our brothers and sisters living in Mother Armenia and the Diaspora, who stand firmly by Artsakh, live by the pain and struggle of Artsakh. Bearing our cross in the national struggle, we are very grateful to Mother Armenia and the Armenians around the world for their unwavering dedication and struggle.
That is the peacekeeping contingent of the Russian Federation, whose mission in Artsakh substantially contributes to the preservation of peace and stability in our region. We are deeply grateful to our friends.
That is our heroes who perished for our Motherland and immortalized themselves for centuries. The work they have left behind is immortal as well, and we are the very ones to continue it.
Therefore, for the sake of the sacred memory of our martyrs, the realization of their aspirations, the future of their descendants, we are obliged to do and will do our best so that Artsakh, that has been invincible for centuries, always remain like that.
Let’s celebrate the New Year with this very realization. May 2022 bring peace, fortitude, hope and faith to our people and Homeland.
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

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