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New #COVID_19 variant 'IHU' discovered in France, is more infectious than Omicron
12:12, 04.01.2022 |
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The scientists have linked the IHU variant to travel with Cameroon. It was first detected on December 10, but the WHO has still not labelled it as a variant under investigation. At least 12 cases of the new variant have been reported near Marseilles.

The world is still grappling with the highly mutated strain of coronavirus, called Omicron, which has been leading a surge in Covid-19 infection across the globe. And now, scientists in France have identified a new, more mutated strain that Omicron.

Named IHU, the B.1.640.2 variant was discovered by the academics at institute IHU Mediterranee Infection. Researchers say that it contains 46 mutations – even more than Omicron – which makes it more resistant to vaccines and infectious.

At least 12 cases of the new variant have been reported near Marseilles, and has been linked to travel to the African country Cameroon.

However, then Omicron variant is still the dominant strain in most parts of the world. However, IHU variant’s threat is rapidly rising.

The B.1.640.2 has not been spotted in other countries or labelled a variant under investigation by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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