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Arman Tatoyan: On the Stepanakert-Shushi road Azerbaijani armed servicemen directed the gun and threw a big stone at the car of a citizen of Armenia, with his wife and a 3 year old child in the car
15:34, 11.01.2022 |
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On the Stepanakert-Shushi road Azerbaijani armed servicemen directed the gun and threw a big stone at the car of a citizen of Armenia, with his wife and a 3-year-old child in the car
On January 2, 2022, around 14:00-15:00 in the afternoon, when a resident of Lori province of Armenia was on his back from Artsakh with his wife and 3-year-old child with in his Nissan Teana car, several Azerbaijani armed servicemen with aggressive behavior pointed their guns towards his car, yelled and threw a big stone at his car.
As a result, the front bumper, the car amplifier, the radiator were damaged, while the vehicle registration plate was lost.
The Armenian citizen suffered damages of more than 200,000 AMDs as a result of the criminal acts of the Azerbaijani armed servicemen.
The resident of Vanadzor city of Lori province informed the Human Rights Defender of Armenia about the incident through an alarming-call.
The citizen informed the competent bodies of Armenia and Artsakh about the incident. The Artsakh Human Rights Ombudsman Mr. Gegham Stepanyan officially confirmed this incident to the Human Rights Defender of Armenia Mr. Arman Tatoyan. Yesterday, an official release was disseminated about the incident from Artsakh.
It is evident that it was clear to the Azerbaijani armed forces that they were threatening and throwing the big stone at a civilian’s car, in which a woman and a minor child were travelling; however, they continued their criminal acts. The acts were aimed against the rights to life, health, and property of Armenian peaceful civilians, and have disrupted their secure travel through the road.
The above-mentioned incident proves once again that there should not be Azerbaijani armed servicemen in the vicinity of villages of Armenia and Artsakh, and on the roads connecting Armenian communities. The nature of the Azerbaijani violations in Armenia and Artsakh are similar.
Their presence itself is infringing the right to life and security of civilians, other vital rights. The above-mentioned incident proves this, considering also the fact that a child was present in the car. The removal of the Azerbaijani armed servicemen is imperative to restore the violated rights and the normal life of people. There are regular incidents of similar nature.
The statement of the Human Rights Defender of Armenia is also substantiated by other incidents that took place yesterday in Artsakh: Azerbaijani servicemen conducted targeted shootings in the direction of Karmir Shuka and Tagahvard communities of Martuni region, and Nakhichevanik community of Askeran region; one of the shootings was in the direction of a house located on a distance of around 50 meters from a kindergarten. These facts were confirmed by official statements from Artsakh.
These facts, the Azerbaijani criminal acts and the urgent need of their removal will be presented to international organizations.

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