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Bald Man Decapitated - ‘Killers Thought There Was Gold in His Head’
22:12, 20.01.2022 |
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A man in Mozambique lost his head because of a superstitious belief. They believe that bald men have gold inside their skulls.

An investigation has been launched into this disturbing crime after the man was killed by criminals who planned to sell his head in Mali. But the would-be buyer vanished before any transactions could take place, The South African reported. The murderers reportedly dumped the head in Mali’s central town of Muandiwa.
More interesting is that this case is far from the first of its kind.

The BBC reported on the ritual attacks growing in prominence in 2017, after at least five men were murdered for their body parts. Of the five that the authorities knew about, three were killed in one week alone.

It is believed people go ahead with the violence because witch doctors convince them about the gold superstition, but the witch doctors actually intend to use the heads for their own purposes.

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