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The American exchange will stop working with Russia Russian news EN
19:48, 24.04.2022 |
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The Nasdaq exchange will stop working with residents from Russia from April 29
The American exchange Nasdaq announced that it will stop working with residents from Russia from Friday, April 29. about this in his Telegram– the channel said “Kommersant”.
By clarification radio “Moscow says” with reference to the message of Saxo Bank, from this date, the Russians will lose access to the current market data of the Nasdaq exchanges in the US and Northern Europe. Active subscriptions to market data will also be cancelled.
Nasdaq advised customers to take all necessary measures in advance.
On Friday, April 22, the Russian stock market opened lower. The Moscow Exchange index fell by 0.38 percent to 2262 points, the RTS index – by 0.41 percent to 958 points.

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